Now and the Unknown


Now and the Unknown

When you make a conscious decision

to step outside of your comfort zone,

to challenge yourself to reach

your full potential,

you will realize you are braver,

and more capable,

than you could ever imagine.


When you have a

burning desire

to create change in your life

and act upon it,

you gain control of your destiny.


When you adapt to an

abundant mindset

and take charge of your emotions

and responses

to different situations,

you will change.


That is when you will no longer settle

for less than what you deserve,

and instead,

you work on creating opportunity.


When you consistently put yourself out there and

embrace vulnerability,

seek help,

and genuinely help others

without expecting anything in return,

you will find faith

in humanity and self-confidence.


When you

choose happiness,

accept that certain things are out of your control,

and let go of anything that no longer serves you,

you will understand your power and self-worth.


When you embrace your flaws and become your

authentic self,

you will achieve inner peace,

and self-love.


When you take a leap of faith

and trust the timing of your life,

you will understand

that everything happens for a reason.


When you encounter

adversity and failure,

but learn from your mistakes,


forward or move on

from the obstacles or setbacks you face,

you will become stronger than ever before.


When you encounter difficult decisions

that will greatly impact others and yourself,

but have nobody to rely on,

you will learn



When you choose to

invest in yourself

and you choose to love a little more,

you will grow into the person you're meant to become.


When you surround yourself with those who lift you higher,

and make the effort to build these relationships,

you will be loved,


and inspired.


When you aspire to make an


to change the world,

start with yourself,

then move onto one other person,

and you will see results that exceed your expectations.


When you

dream big and hustle,

always remaining on the go,

you will learn to slow down,

and that less,

is actually more.


When you are curious and open to

new experiences,

new people,

new cultures,

new perspectives,

you will learn more about others,


and the world that you live in.


When you travel around the world and

travel alone,

you will experience incredible adventures,

trust strangers,

and ultimately,

develop your own



When you focus on the now and not the unknown,

appreciating the little things in life,

and realizing how blessed you truly are,

you will

live life

and experience little


along the way.


And when you strive to be





you will become the best version of yourself.


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Originally published on Daejeon Writers’ Anthology ‘Fleeting’