5 Positive Self-Affirmations to Start Your Day


Some days we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, lacking in energy and not feeling like our best selves. Some days we carry our burdens and sorrows from yesterday. Sometimes we’re just not okay and that’s perfectly fine. And sometimes we need to remind ourselves how incredibly amazing we are as imperfect human beings. Here are 5 self-affirmations to start your day positively.


You are loved and worthy of love.

List all the positive qualities you possess and like about yourself. Name all the people in your life that matter and love you for who you truly are. These are the people who make life meaningful. They’re the ones worth your time and effort. But at the end of the day, you need to love yourself unconditionally so you’re strong enough to withstand anything on your own. You need to love yourself so you can show others how to love you.


No matter what you’re going through, stay strong.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. We jump through our own hurdles one after another but with every hardship and obstacle you overcome, you come out even stronger. Remember that you are mentally and physically strong—and you have what it takes to tackle the next big challenge, which will only help you grow and build your resilience.


Your grades, your job, your circumstances and your past do not define who you are.

You are an intelligent human being capable of making decisions for your own well-being. Maybe you didn't score the best grades in school or maybe you’re in a job that doesn't leverage your true strengths and potential, but you are more than that. You may not be where you want to be now but you will get there. All of what you’re experiencing now is temporary and a stepping stone to greater things ahead. Learn from your past experiences as they help you become the person you are today and believe in your ability to overcome anything.


Wake up each day and go to bed each night knowing that you are enough.

You are beautiful enough, smart enough, and good enough for yourself, your family, your friends and your partner. Anyone who is incapable of appreciating your presence and your unique self isn't worth your time. Don’t seek validation from others—know that you are both a masterpiece and a work of in progress. Nobody has it all figured out, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. Value the person you are now, while you work on becoming the best version of yourself.


You’re beautiful inside and out.

You radiate the kind of energy that attracts other beautiful souls in your life. Your compassion for yourself and others and your passion for life takes you to places, people, and opportunities beyond your imagination. Your abundant mindset and open-minded perspectives give you the ability to adapt to various situations and diverse groups of individuals. Your presence brings joy and happiness to those around you because you’re beautiful—inside and out.


Originally published on All Women's Talk (Feb 13, 2018)