This is Why I Write


I write cause it's what I love to do.

It's my passion, my hobby, my outlet, my escape.

I write for others and myself. I write when I'm feeling all sorts of emotions. I write to organize my thoughts and reflect on life. I write to keep track of all the moments in my life - the good and the bad. I write when I have a hard time finding the right words to express myself. I write to express my creativity. I write to connect and share my story. I write to inspire and motivate others to live wholeheartedly. I write because I can be my most authentic self.

This is why I write.

Ever since I was young, I've always loved to read. It was my favourite pastime, and I was known as the bookworm. I would visit the library often and borrow at least 15 books each time. I would read daily, a novel a day. My imagination would run wild, and gradually, my love for writing grew with my love for reading. My favourite genre was adventure and horror. Eventually, I wrote on a daily basis too. I would journal and write poetry and many stories. And I would get recognized for it too.

My first published piece was a short poem about being your authentic self. It was titled "Just Because..." My teacher thought it was a great piece, so it got published in a Young Writers Anthology. This happened when I was in fifth grade.

I wanted to be an author. It was my childhood dream. 

It wasn't even a big deal to me back then. Thinking back now, this was huge. This was the start of something amazing.

But, I'm not that cool anymore.

Growing up, I didn't read or write on a daily basis like I used to. I didn't get lost in the novel I was reading, losing all track of time. I didn't even make time to visit the library anymore, and would occasionally dream of going there to borrow books and read. Instead, I’d read textbooks to study for exams and prepare for university and my future more 'practical' and 'financially stable' career, which doesn't include any plans of becoming a writer.

In eleventh grade, I miraculously earned a perfect score on my final English project/presentation. My grade was quite high. I always did fairly well in English, and it was my favourite subject. Then my dreams of doing anything writing-related was crushed when I struggled to obtain a decent grade in twelfth grade English class. I needed a good grade to apply to university, and I got the grade I needed, but that's when I realized that my English actually sucks. Thanks.

Then in my first year of university, I became obsessed with TVB Hong Kong dramas. I grew up watching them, but I started reading a few fan fictions online. People were such incredible writers, and I started writing my own. I wasn't confident with my own writing, but I decided to publish a few chapters anyway. What happened was that I had many readers that gave me such positive, motivating feedback, which gave me the confidence and motivation to continue writing my fan fiction. I was on fire and wrote several chapters every night. I ended up finishing my story with 35 chapters. My grammar and vocabulary aren't nearly perfect, but I have to say, my story is pretty epic. (I never told anyone about this cause quite frankly, I was embarrassed.)

The website eventually shut down, and I stopped writing. University got in the way, new interests developed, and I had other goals to achieve. It wasn't until after I graduated, did I start reading and writing again. It wasn't until I met other writers (my mentors Anita Wing Lee & Bobby Umar) who advised me to just write and not be afraid. To publish my pieces and take in the criticism. It took a few turns of events for me to understand my truest passions and purpose in life. More than anything, I'm certain that I want to be a writer. Today, I no longer call myself an aspiring writer.

I am a writer. 

Moving forward in 2016, I wrote my first networking article on 10KCoffees, have my own travel blog on Verge Magazine, and my first anthology published.

Then in 2017, a month prior to returning to Canada after my year abroad, my mentor (Dr. Jean Kim) read my networking article and offered me a position at her organization (Live Your Potential) as a content creator. I also received a complimentary spot for the women’s leadership and career development program! Through this experience, I wrote many articles and built my writing portfolio.

I also worked as an English teacher in Toronto. Although I have my TEFL certificate and a year of teaching experience, I’m not OCT or TESL Canada certified. But, I still got the position! It was an extremely rewarding experience to create the 8-weeks ‘Power English for Adults’ program curriculum, teaching my students everything from public speaking, intercultural communication, business writing, networking, and personal branding.

The story doesn't end there.

In 2018, I connected with a writer that I absolutely adored - Sarah Vermunt (Author of Careergasm). She gave me a ton of tips and techniques on how I could improve my writing.

2019 rolled around, and I joined her 3-month writing program, where I wrote my ass off with a community of writers every other week. I even got to meet her book editor and learn the entire process of self-publishing and working with a publishing agent/firm. Eventually, the goal is to publish my own book. (I started working on it, but as of now, it’s for my eyes only.)

Just recently, I published my first article on Thrive Global (founded by Arianna Huffington). I am now a contributing writer for a blog that I love to read and a community I completely resonate with.

And now, finally, after so many years of talking about it - here it is, my very own personal website. All my work over the last several years.

What’s next?

I always knew what I wanted to be growing up. Now, it's no longer just a dream and an unrealistic goal. Who knows where it’ll lead to? I’m working on building a career out of writing and am seeking freelance opportunities. But either way, I’ll always continue to write and share.

Most importantly, I'm going to do all of this for me.


(Last edited May 20, 2019)