Practice Makes Confidence: Moderating the LYP Event


Last Wednesday on May 29, I had the honour of moderating a private panel discussion and networking event for Live Your Potential. Believe it or not - I entertained the idea of moderating an event a few years back. I joked about it with my accountability partner, as I secretly wanted to do it.

When the opportunity came up, I knew I couldn’t say no. It would make me feel very uncomfortable, but I saw this as a challenge that would help me grow. And so, I took up the offer. I still can’t believe I actually did it!

And boy, was it truly empowering. I was so inspired from the vulnerable conversations I had with the speakers on topics such as overcoming self-doubt and the impostor syndrome, gaining self-confidence, dealing with burn out, transitioning careers, and action planning for professional success. I was able to relate to all of these topics and reflect on my own experiences.

We had a small, intimate group, but the energy was contagious. It was a safe space for all of us to share our insights, advice, and experiences. I missed attending events like these and surrounding myself with like-minded, ambitious women who share a similar vision of achieving personal and professional growth.

Thank you, Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan for your mentorship and support over the years! I can’t thank you both enough, as well as the LYP community, for believing in my potential and pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone. Thank you to the panelists Daniela, Kathleen, and Diane for sharing your stories and providing us with so much inspiration and motivation that night!